27 Aug 2017

Full-Time UH-60M Standardization Inst. Pilot

AMERICAN SYSTEMS – Posted by myAviationHUB Taiwan Province, Taiwan

Job Description

AMERICAN SYSTEMS is seeking a retired/ former US Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force or Allied Nation Service UH-60M Standardization Instructor Pilot with experience in individual pilot and unit training, standardization, and UH-60M operational employment.  The successful candidate will serve as a Standardization Instructor Pilot in Taiwan as member of a UH-60M Technical Assistance Field Team (TAFT).  AMERICAN SYSTEMS is currently providing two TAFTs in support of both the Taiwan Army (TA) and Taiwan National Airborne Service Corps (NASC) to assist Taiwan in building a mission-ready UH-60M Helicopter units with appropriate maintenance support and an organic training capability that allows the Taiwan units to effectively continue training and to sustain their maintenance programs.  This Standardization Pilot will support training and standardization advisory efforts resulting from Taiwan’s ongoing delivery and fielding of UH-60M aircraft within Taiwan.   These training teams are being provided as part of a US Army Security Assistance Training Program that directly supports US Foreign Policy and the execution of Department of Defense Security Cooperation Plans and Programs.

Work Location: Taiwan

Clearance Required?: Secret

Travel Required: Yes

Duties : Duties and Responsibilities: • Reports to the Project Manager or TAFT Team Chief/Site Lead • Advises Taiwan Unit Commanders and Instructor Pilots • Conducts ground school and flight training and evaluation of Taiwan Army Instructor Pilots • Assists in POI Development when required • Conducts training and evaluations in the simulator • Assists with administrative duties • Manages the team's internal standardization and crewmember training sustainment program for personnel at a particular training site (similar to Commander's Aircrew Training Program) to ensure TAFT members continue to meet aviation qualification, currency and proficiency requirements. • Responsible for maintenance and certification of aircrew member training folders; monitoring of currency, medical, and proficiency requirements; and implementation of the no-notice proficiency evaluation program. • Completes and submits weekly SITREPS and other routine periodic reports pertaining to progress of the overall effort. • Understands and complies with the Performance Work Statement (PWS), Ground and Flight Operations Procedures ( GOP and FOP), host nation regulations and all AMERICAN SYSTEMS standard policies and procedures (SPP) • Other duties as assigned by the Project Manager/Team Chief. • May perform duties as TAFT Chief or Site Lead depending upon the location and number of personnel assigned. For over 13 years, AMERICAN SYSTEMS has supported the delivery of training services to foreign military personnel in support of US foreign assistance programs. We offer a very competitive compensation and benefit package and there are no upfront out of pocket expenses for persons hired. All travel and transportation arrangements will be made and paid for by AMERICAN SYSTEMS. Living expenses are paid by AMERICAN SYSTEMS with all employees living in modern, fully furnished, western-style secure accommodations. Work is performed five days per week at a secure facility/base within the host nation (foreign purchaser). Persons hired will be full-time salaried employees of AMERICAN SYSTEMS. There is no requirement/authorization to carry firearms. AMS1

Education: Required Education: *Graduate of a US Military Basic Officer Course

Background and Training: Required Training: *Qualified as a US Army UH-60M Instructor Pilot (other US military service equivalent qualifications will be considered) *Rated in the UH-60M or S-70i aircraft *Qualified as an Instrument Flight Examiner *Must have a minimum of 3000 total flight hours, 2000 total UH-60 hours, and 1000 hours as an UH-60 Instructor Pilot. Required Background/Experience: *Must have previous experience in preparing, executing, supervising, and evaluating Assault/Utility Helicopter training programs, including scenario development, orders preparation, and training activities scheduling. *Must have experience conducting unit UH-60M training programs. Support includes individual aviator readiness level progression, pilot-in-command training, instructor pilot qualification, environmental flight operations, sling load operations, crew/team level flight operations, collective mission and door gunnery training *Must have experience in conducting training in the UH-60M Helicopter and compatible simulation based task trainers (e.g. OFT). *Must have experience in flight instruction in terrain flight, tactical employment, and multi-ship operations incorporating Current Operating Environment (COE) Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP). *Must have experience as a Standardization Instructor Pilot at squadron/battalion level or higher. *Must have conducting UH-60 Aircraft Qualification (AQC) training or Transition/Differences Training at USAACE, EAATS, or with a New Equipment Training Team (NETT). *Prior experience conducting cross-cultural communications and delivering training/instruction with the use of an interpreter. *Prior experience developing military instructional material Required Security Clearance : Candidates must have a current Secret Security Clearance . Additional Desired Background/Experience: *Previous experience conducting and teaching: *UH-60 High Altitude Flight, Power Management, and Mountain Environmental Flight Training at altitudes above 12,000 ft ASL (3,657 m) similar to training conducted at the High Altitude Aviation Training Site (HAATS) under day, night, and NVG. *UH-60 Overwater Flight Training consisting of low level tactical flight beyond the glide distance from shore under day, night, and NVG. *UH-60 Internal and External Loads Training with loads up to 9,000 lbs (4,082 kg) under day, night, and NVG. *UH-60 Search and Rescue (SAR) Procedures Training at low altitude, high altitude, and overwater under day, nigh, and NVG. *UH-60 Live Fire Door Gunnery under day, night, and NVG. * UH-60M academic training as required for AQC, IPC, and MPC. * Previous experience conducting UH-60M Instructor Pilot Course (IPC) training at USAACE or EEATS. *Previous experience conducting Unit Fielding and Training Programs (UFTP) for UH-60s. *Previous Security Assistance Team (OCONUS Foreign Military Training) experience. *Prior experience as a military instructor in the related skill. *Prior experience working with and training foreign military personnel. *Prior experience working with foreign military personnel in the region Other Requirements: *Must be physically fit with the ability to lift and carry 100 lbs up to 50 meters distance. *Ability to climb, balance, and work on confined/small elevated helicopter platforms. *Completion of FAA Class II Medical Evaluation/Physical Exam within the last 12-months. *Not possess any chronic physical conditions that would prevent performance of duties in a semi-austere, tropical environment with limited access to medical care. *Ability to present proof of negative HIV test within 90 days of traveling overseas. *Must possess a current US Tourist (Blue) Passport. (Passport must not expire within 12-months of being hired.) *Must be willing to submit to Breathalyzer test prior to flights. *Must be drug-free with ability to successfully pass a drug screening test. *Ability to pass a comprehensive background check with favorable results. *Ability to effectively conduct cross-cultural communications and deliver training/instruction with the use of an interpreter *Mandarin language proficiency is desired but not required, but not required.

Job Categories: Helicopter Instructor Pilot. Job Types: Full-Time.


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